Pome ACV Gummy - 6 Month Package (360 Gummy)

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Absolute steal! Perfect for sharing with your family members.

Main health benefits of apple cider vinegar in Pome gummy:

  • Helps reduce appetite naturally
  • Supports healthy weight management
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves guts health and digestion
  • Supports healthy immune system
  • Supports healthy heart and cardiovascular systems

Read the scientific journal that supports these claims HERE.

Pome gummy

Nutritions Facts:

Pome offers the highest Apple Cider Vinegar (2500 mg) and acetic acid contents of any supplement gummy in the world! That is about 5x the amount of ACV that other brands offer! That's why we are the best gummy in the world.

Highest ACV in the World


Pome is totally vegan because it is made using only the highest quality plant ingredients. We use pectin instead of gelatine to create wonderful texture and flavour release to our gummy. Most of our ingredients are locally sourced in Indonesia because we believe in empowering and supporting local farmers and businesses!

Vegan Local


Pome is certified Halal : LPPOM-00110129731021.

Pome gummy is currently in the process of being certified by Indonesia's food and drugs authority (BPOM). Watch this space!



1 gummy twice a day. You can eat it before or after meal. Doesn't matter!

Maximum 4 gummies per day.

Storage Instruction:

Keep Pome gummy in a dry and cool place (below 30° C) and away from direct sunlight.



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